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inetric is a technology oriented company with a focus in security and project development.

inetric actively researches in the areas of information security and computer networking.

GPG Key: 5C51 6ECD F406 E566 BE01 9558 039D F646 F3EB B7D6

RPM Signing Key: E4E1 1D47 B9EF B587 C948 471B 1D9A 3ACE 5602 E719

CA Root Certificate: D1:D6:5D:B3:79:25:45:7A:4B:3D:CF:99:B9:59:94:23:B6:55:88:3A

Phone: 72 INETRIC 2 | (724) 638 7422

Address: 345 West Hanckock Ave #7, Athens GA 30601